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Warrior Assault Systems

Warrior Assault Rapid 2-Point Rifle Sling | Ranger Green

Warrior Assault Rapid 2-Point Rifle Sling | Ranger Green

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Warrior’s 2 point laser cut rapid rifle sling is an adaptive modular sling capable of fitting on the majority of tactical rifles. The adjustment system is operated via an adjuster pull cord in order to transition the sling from a non offensive, hands free carry posture, to a rapid combat ready/shooting position very quickly by shortening or lengthening the sling.

The sling attaches to the weapons attachment points via 6mm cord with internal Kevlar filament. The cord is silent and allows for unrestricted manipulation of the weapon system.

There is a 25mm quick release buckle at which allows emergency removal of the sling.

The Warrior 2 Point Sling is made up from both 25mm robust Mil Spec webbing, and a laser cut 50mm pad for comfort and stability.

Fully adjustable for length via 25mm sliders which allows the webbing to be shortened or lengthened with the excess being stowed inside the 50mm pad.